Core Advantages
  • Experts of men’s trousers —— Since 1989
    Since 1989, starting its business from one pair of trousers, and has been a dedicated creator of professional and quality trousers for 34 years.
  • A plurality of utility model patents in the trousers sector
    National standards of suit trousers: GB/T 2666-2017,National Standards of Water-washed Apparels: GB/T 22700-2016,Jeans Industrial Standards: FZ/T 81006-2017
  • Data source of "accumulated human body data of 12 million people"

    Slim cut 901 / Slim fit 902 / Regular fit 903

    Casual fit 905/ Tapered 906 / Fit 909

  • Stretch rate up to 4 times the average
    *Test results obtained by the certified inspection institution after comparing with ordinary products of this brand.
  • One pair sold every seven seconds
    *Sales statistics of JOEONE for 2020
  • 24 procedures of Manual inspection

    23,000 stitches, 108 working procedures, and 30 ironings and pressings":

    *JOEONE business trousers techniques


Since 1989 · specialized in men's pants for 35 years,

Uphold the ingenuity of precision, create professional and good quality pants with heart, strictly control every process, and carefully carve every stitch with the heart of a craftsman.